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About our Site


As a neo-pro to cycling media, the idea behind this website is to avoid being pigeon-holed. This is not just a site to browse the latest cycling news, nor is it simply a blog. Here at Casquettes and Bidons, our aim is to produce content with one goal in mind- celebrating the world's most beautiful sport, with the richest history.

As for the name, 'Casquettes and Bidons', these items were chosen as they intrinsically link cycling's past with its future. The casquette and bidon will always be valued by riders, no matter how far technological innovation takes the sport. If worn with enough luft, the casquette provides the height of cycling fashion. The bidon stood out to us because of one famous image in particular, the exchange of the metal bidon between Gino Bartali and Fausto Coppi. At Casquettes and Bidons, we aim to celebrate the history of the sport, whilst providing ramblings on the present and future. 'Casquettes and Bidons' sums this up perfectly. Join us. 

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