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The Misadventures of a Roadie

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

10:07am: The location is Gisburn Forest. The last time I was here mountain biking was 2008.

11:28am: A poor attempt by Charlie and Will at climbing this section, 'I can do better' I think (I couldn't).

11:38am: Will in shot, he's a half-decent mountain biker. This is a half-decent view.

11:42am: Charlie Paige, rider for Team U Cube 17. A roadie who is at home on a mountain bike also.

11:57am: Three or four crashes into the ride, still feeling good and getting to grips with this mountain biking lark, it ain't that bad!

12:14pm: George Poole, a roadie very much not comfortable on a mountain bike, following a rough crash that saw him 'flying across the air' as one onlooker noted. Bib tights ruined, wrist and hand badly hurt, a bang to the head, but most serious- damaged pride.

13:12pm: En-route to A&E.

14:45pm: Accrington Hospital.

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